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Shakun Handicrafts

Handmade Quilts

Every Handmade Quilt offered by us is one of a kind. They are flawlessly handcrafted by the skilled craftsmen of Jaipur (India). All fabrics are dye-fast and quilt-grade cotton. The range of or Handmade Quilts includes Handmade New Kantha Quilts and Handmade Vintage Kantha Quilts. Take them for utility or gifting, they are great anyways! For price quotes, contact us. We are globally fabled Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Handmade Quilts from Jaipur.

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Handmade New Kantha Quilts

The masterpieces in themselves, each of our Handmade New Kantha Quilt features extraordinary Kantha Embroidery by the heritage of skilled workers from Jaipur (India). The integrity and durability of the Handmade New Kantha Quilts will last for years, courtesy use of high-quality fabrics. Ample of color and size options are


Handmade Vintage Kantha Quilts

Manufacturing, supplying and exporting of unique and charming Handmade Vintage Kantha Quilts has provided us global fame. These vintage quilts feature painstakingly intricate Kantha hand embroidery all over fine and warm quilt-able fabrics. The tiny imperfections lend them the vintage charm. We make them available in numerous